Regulamin zlotu

Regulamin 51. Zlotu InterCamp w dniach 18-21 maja 2018r. Sint- Truiden, Belgia:camprules

To help us to provide you all a pleasantly an especially safely Intercamp, we ask that all participants adhere to the following camp rules:
1. Cars and trailers may not be on the sub camps during the camp. Only during loading and unloading cars with and without trailers drive on the designated
roads. Cars and trailers must then be parked at the designated parking sites.
2. Open fires and campfires are not allowed and never in the vicinity to tents
3. Cooking may only be done on approved burners, of which the sleeves must  also be approved. The cooking equipment must be put above the ground.
4. Candles, oil lamps, lamps with liquid fuel, coal burners are not allowed in tents.
5. Pocket knives may not have a blade longer than 12 cm.
6. Phosphor glowing sticks or other kinds of dangerous materials must not be used or sold.
7. No permanent holes may be dug out.
8. The places near the runways are forbidden area (still in use!). In the woody places you cannot go for a walk; in these areas there are
hidden holes! .
9. Scouts must wear their uniform at all times during the opening and closing ceremony, even during the hike, so they may be recognisable as scout.
10. Swim shorts and bikinis are not allowed.
11. Be sure to have headgear in case of warm weather and take care to always have plenty of water with you.
12. Alcohol is not permitted on the campsite; only at the scoutersclub beer can be consumed (not taken away) in the evening. Drugs are strictly forbidden
at the camp.
13. Smoking is not allowed on the campsite except in the designated smoking zones.
14. Quiet time must be observed. Radios, sound blasters etc.. are not allowed during the camp.
15. Swapping may only be done by children to children or adults with adults, and only badges for badges. The swapping of pocket knives and or other dangerous items is not allowed. There is an organised swap place on the plaza.
16. Pets of all kind are not allowed at camp!
17. All participants camp at their own risk and are required to arrange for  adequate insurance coverage.

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